Heading Out

I’m going! I can’t believe that the time is finally here and I am heading to Uganda for a semester abroad.

Back to Uganda. It was three and a half years ago that I left Ugandan soil after a life-changing and eye-opening mission trip experience. I fell in love with the land and the people and since that time have longed to return to Uganda. And it is finally happening!

There is some comfort to return to a country that I have been to before when facing all of the other uncertainties of a study abroad experience. Yet even with that comfort, everything is different than before. I will be in a new location and here for a redefined purpose. I am entering this experience as a social work student. I will be learning from the people of the land and learning through action. Still, I believe that God has allowed me to embark on this journey to love others and to learn more about him.

As I enter into this new season and this new experience, I pray for a continual renewing of humility, grace, and love. I pray that I will be able to remember why I am embarking on this journey – I am going to learn and I am going to love. I pray that I will be able to grow professionally as a social worker, grow socially, and grow spiritually.

There are so many unknowns ahead. But I have peace and hope. For my God is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and he is with me always. I joyfully look forward to this experience and would be honored if you join this journey with me!


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